4 ways to be more mindful of what you are feeling now

June 28, 2022

We know what depression or any type of mental disorder makes us go through, from feelings of worthlessness to giving up on everything and what not! We feel the urge to change things around but forcing ourselves will only build more pressure and stress to our mind.

Instead, what we can do is, acknowledge stress, and manage ways to ease it down. So the next time you are feeling the blues, rest in the knowledge that you will feel brighter again soon.

Neuroscience says, we can mould our brains to be more physically, emotionally and mentally healthy irrespective of age, through a number of effective techniques.

1. Reel in those negative thoughts

Remember that not every thought is useful and helpful. Some are just a by-product of bad experiences you have had in the past. And evidently, we tend to bring them in the present life scenarios.

They act like a hidden filter of unconscious negativity, and consequently impact our interpretation and perception of things. I can imagine living through situations with the filter on. I understand it is difficult to see beyond that but there is a brighter side.

What you can do is try stepping back from negative thoughts by questioning their validity. We know it is hard when you feel like your whole life is falling apart and all these things may sound like a lot of work. However, you can reach out to us, talk to one of our heyy Helpers and they can help you in the process.

2.  Flex your mind and train your brain muscles

Our mind is a muscle and so it can be trained and encouraged. Like there are different exercises for different parts of the body, meditation is a powerful exercise to tame and train our brain. Meditation is so prevailing that it empowers you to focus on the things for mental bliss and rule out negativity.

As we talk about it, Our founder, Ankit himself is a big fan of meditation. He says it helped him majorly to fight depression and negativity. Like there is no sure shot way or one way to cure depression, there is no one way to meditate.

Check out some amazing stuff here on ways to do meditation. Try and check out which way suits you the best and that will be your superpower.

3.  Are you lost in the flurry of ‘what ifs’?

Do you feel like you are in a rocking chair, and the rocking doesn’t stop, the world goes by and there’s no relief nevertheless? Despite there being no tangible proof of destruction, you feel like you have no agency over anything that’s happening around you. 

What we can do is try and bring ourselves back to the present moment. One way to be in the present when you zone out is- try and feel all your senses.

See, hear, touch and feel what is there. Another way is to pinch yourself. It sounds funny! But might help you to jump out of the scenarios running in your mind and be in the present. 

The heyy Helpers can talk to you anytime for as long as you want and get you through with this.

4. Make something a habit within 21 days

By routine or challenge we do not mean a hard and fast schedule. It is going to be just a couple of things you love doing but consistently. A short and sweet escape that makes you feel better. 

For example: I love pottery. Before depression struck me, I used to spend hours in my studio. It was like therapy for me- I loved it! So, in my 21-days challenge I decided to spend 15 minutes each day doing pottery. It was difficult initially, but since I loved doing it, it got better gradually. 

Maybe you can try and write down one positive thing that has happened in a day, a 5-minute walk in nature, watching a part of your favorite show, going for a short drive, 2-3 pages of a book you like or have always wanted to read or anything that relaxes you. 

Doing something you love helps you relax, reduces stress and takes the time you would spend over thinking something. It can be like  meditation for you. After all, what is the purpose of meditation? It should relax, soothe your senses and give a sense of well-being.

*I stressed on the 21-day challenge because that is how long it takes to make something a habit. 


Fighting depression is difficult and fortunately not impossible. Mind is a very powerful thing and once you learn to tame it, half of your fight is over. But depression is different for different individuals- conditions differ from person to person.

If things are getting harder and scarier for you, it is always better to reach out and seek help rather than piling things up within. Mental health support is always available around you, just don’t stop looking. All you need to do is just send a heyy to us!

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