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heyy 2021!

May 18, 2022

heyy, if there is something that we can all agree on, it is – 2020 was not easy. The year 2020 brought in new challenges every day, and we had no idea how to respond to any of them. The only thing that kept us going is hope. Hope that it can lessen the number of heartbreaks and hope that we will be able to overcome the devastations that we are facing.

Such adversity levels made us mentally strong, and it needs to be that way before embarking on any journey in the year 2021. As we make our way into the next year, we shall drop some things and pick some up to make 2021 the best year of your life.

Seems like a great plan, right? Let’s jump right to it!


Stop aiming for perfection 

First, let’s make this clear: perfection is non-existent and it is just a myth. We try to achieve excellence, but we fail to understand how it affects our mental health. For some, there is no end to this vicious cycle (Barnes). So stop aiming for perfection because it is not worth missing valuable life moments.

To come out of this perfection trap, it is crucial to find balance between your goals and personal life. When you are on a journey to reach excellence, it is important to not miss out on precious life moments. Maree Dee, one of the most influential mental health experts says that, “Let good enough be enough.”  This can allow you to accept your struggles and practice acknowledging what you are thankful for in life (Dee).

Comparing your life with others 

Well, this is something that comes naturally, and it can’t be helped sometimes, but we do have to address this problem. Being in a constant mood of dissatisfaction is mentally unhealthy, and it can drain energy from every fiber of your body. That is what comparison does, and it is never late to break the habit (Doolin).

Here, the importance of self-acceptance comes into the picture, and you have to be grateful for the resources you have that allow you to talk with your family and friends, irrespective of where they are located. To break the chains and stop setting standards to measure, you have to focus on the things that you can control and make the most out of them.

Stay away from toxic relationships 

It is better to be alone and create your own world than be a pawn in someone else’s. Toxic relationships should be avoided as much as possible in life because you deserve to be around better people who accept you for who you are. Many mental health advocates and experts suggest letting go of such people with good grace (Doolin).

Negativity acts like a destructive power, so if you let go of that and attach yourself with a supportive group of people,  you will notice a significant change in your state of mind. That is why many successful people in the world and at times our parents too may advise us to surround ourselves with intellectuals and people who can see the good in you and make you a better person.

Stop chasing other people’s dreams and expectations

Craving for other people’s acceptance will never make you feel fulfilled and satisfied because there is always someone who expects more from you and demands you to perform at that high level. So instead of chasing unrealistic goals and dreams of your friends and family, try to create small and achievable objectives (Depression Center #).

If you are unable to succeed, then it is absolutely fine because you gave it your best shot and will never have to regret it. This takes time for many people, as mastering self-awareness is a process that can’t be achieved overnight.

Overthinking will get us nowhere 

Overthinking will never get us to the right places, but it can lead to self-doubt, depression, and frustration. Spending too much time on the things that have happened in the past or something that will happen in the future will only sabotage the present. It can slowly deteriorate your mind, and many fall into the procrastination trap (Depression Center #).

The best way to come out of this rut is to act immediately and take calculated risks. With exploration comes opportunities, so involve yourself in many activities and enjoy them with your favorite people in the world. Stop battling with your mind and start making it your partner.


Okay, now that you are over 2020, it is time to discuss how to make 2021 work for you.

Seek help without hesitation 

The year 2020 dropped some heavy dimes on our minds, and it has been hard to maintain mental balance. It has also left us with so many unanswered questions and doubts (Depression Center #). So before we fully embrace the new year, it is paramount for every one of us to aim for holistic wellness. To do that for your mind and health, interact with like-minded people. Speaking of communities that create mental awareness, heyy, is an excellent platform to reach out and seek professional help.

With heyy Helpers and industry experts who can help you find your strengths and answers that potentially can build your mental resilience. To build resilience for your mind, it is necessary to have certain treatment plans and self-care strategies. Many mental health experts suggest starting with past experiences that have worked before, and they believe that any individual can find their own internal strengths and resources to deal with present problems and see the bigger picture with a more optimistic mindset.

Start a healthy lifestyle

Lifestyle predicts everything that we go through daily because every small habit that we pick impacts our health in the big picture. That’s why we should be careful before we start a new resolution. Micro changes in lifestyle can give macro results in terms of fitness and mental health.

So start with something small like meditating every morning and reducing sugar intake. Such small changes can help you advance to the next stages of your fitness and wellness journey. Keep experimenting with different formats of fitness plans and go with one that works best.

Start with something small, like meditating or reducing sugar. There is power of compounding at play!

“Anonymous wisdom”

Practice Gratitude 

The pandemic taught us one important lesson- people are more important than any deadline. We may have survived one of the most horrific events in the history of mankind, and for that, we have to be thankful for all the people who have helped and stayed with us the whole time (Dee).

This is the best time to show appreciation to yourself and to anyone who has helped you along the way. Practise showing gratitude and be kind whenever possible because kindness is free, so why not sprinkle it everywhere you go.

Create some “me time” 

When it is time to step into a year, we always look back and wonder how the previous year ended so quickly. This happens every year but let’s change it up for the year 2021. To make your new year memorable, you need to have sufficient time to enjoy it properly. So make sure to create enough “me” time and explore things that fascinate you in life (Skelly).

The current scenario points towards us being engrossed in our smartphones, and that needs to change soon. By making time for yourself, you will see changes in your thought process, experience fewer mood swings, and ultimately, you will achieve a healthier state of mind. You can also connect to us at heyy, during your me-time.

Take on new challenges, better to have some company while you are at it 

Do you want to run a 10k? Then, put on your shoes and give it a try with your support network. It’s that simple. We all have large goals in life, but it becomes more manageable when we break them into many smaller ones. We suggest not taking any challenges alone because it is hard to stay motivated for an extended period without having any partner to support.

Having someone by your side will give you some encouragement and comfort when taking on big challenges in life (Health Shots). You can share your progress and see who is going to first achieve that milestone. All of this starts when you believe in yourself, and that is again a game of self-awareness.

In whichever way we escalate the importance of mental health, it will still be an understatement. During a public health crisis, mental health should be the top priority, and it is recommended to seek help from family members (if you have the sense that they would try to understand you) and psychology experts (for more in-depth help).

We need to continually sound the alarm and remind people that investing in mental health is no different from investing in your body. So if you want 2021 to be your best year, the first thing would be to focus on your mental wellness and address the things that are bothering you psychologically. Just a heyy, is enough to start the conversation.

We offer you online psychological counselling and emotional support. We understand what you go through with depression and how disturbing the stress can be.

All the best and have a great 2021!


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