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How can you foster a culture of self-care at work?

June 28, 2022

Do you believe in self-care? If yes, when do you pamper yourself? I am sure you are not picturing pampering yourself at the office.

We spend a major chunk of our lives working and so it is justified to say that work and life are customarily connected to each other. I imagine most of us can relate to burnout, work-life imbalance and stress attached to it. No doubt it is a growing concern these days.

How about we say, you can actually culture self care in your office.

Chances are you are telling yourself “Yeah!..sure why not!” Steer away from that point of view and read on to know how you can practice self-care at the workplace.

Are we actually tackling work and self-care?

With time, we have realised the toll that ‘self care can be done later’ has taken on us. People around the world have started paying heed to it. Firstly, it is vital that we acknowledge the significance of self-care and secondly, our company needs to be on the same page.

Crafting a sustainable and healthy workplace is a growing concept and we believe every organization should take some initiative to culture it. It is better to find ways to manage work and self-care simultaneously. It ensures good mental and physical health, elevates concentration and helps you manage stress in the time of crisis.

How can you manage self-care at work

Breaks in between working hours

Breaks are important not only to break the monotony but to shake out the stress from our bodies. I automatically feel a little less jittery when I speak with coworkers when I’m walking around the house.

You can also go out to the cafeteria or to the balcony instead of having lunch at your desk. 

Take a short walk or eat with colleagues

It is a great opportunity to bond with your co-workers. And yeah if you are higher up the chain, don’t hold yourself back. If people think you have little or no work and you are wasting time while on the clock, you are most likely with the wrong organisation.

Walking meetings

Instead of having meetings in the conference room, opt for walking meetings? Experts say it fosters innovative and insightful thinking. Leaders can take the initiative of conducting short meetings whenever possible in the open or somewhere outside the work-zone.

Practice vulnerability at workplace (psychological safety)

Ever been in a meeting where managers are the talkers, team members take the backseat, they don’t voice their opinions and there is no discussion? So do some intention setting. the next time that it has happened third time in a row, call it out. 

I know it’s a career risk, but seriously you spend 60% of your life at work, you might as well be heard, no? What’s best is when you speak up, others feel supported too.

Option of working from home

Enabling employees to work from home, be it with an ergonomic chair or a high speed broadband – takes away stress from their lives.  

Health checkups

Managers can inculcate regular mental health checks to keep a tab on how well everybody is juggling work and life. The self assessment can tell an employee in no time if they should speak with someone. We at heyy, offer a short 5 minute self assessment, which can help anybody (everybody) find out if they are struggling with any mental health issue which is hampering their productivity and efficiency. Go ahead and take one for yourself- it’s free and confidential.

If you feel that work-life imbalance has taken a toll on you, and you are dealing with burnout, work-related stress or anything for that matter, you can always talk to heyy Helpers. We are amazing listeners and might give you a tip or two to manage stress. 



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