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3 tips to maintain a healthy work life balance with a hectic schedule

May 12, 2022

Building a healthy work life balance may take some time. You might notice that it is often difficult to find a balance during transition periods- especially if your responsibilities are increasing at work (ex, getting a promotion) or at home (ex, getting married, or moving to a new house). It can be difficult to keep up with the demands of your personal and professional life. It is important to remember that it is OKAY to take your time in finding the right balance, as long as you’re making progress in doing so. It is normal to have some days when you just can’t fulfil all your obligations and duties. 


However, having an unhealthy work life balance for a prolonged period can have a deep impact on your personal, professional, and social life. Whether it’s isolation, being unable to meet deadlines, or being unable to spend time with your loved ones- all these things can have a severe impact on your relationships and mental health. Thus, with the increasing trend of hustle culture, it is important to work towards establishing a healthy work life balance. 

healthy work life balance

Here are some important steps that can help you establish a healthy work life balance: 


Building boundaries

The quality of rest is just as important as quantity (if not more). Even with a busy schedule, successfully creating boundaries between work and personal life can help you avoid multitasking, thus ensuring a more fulfilling personal life. This can be done by- 

  1. Not accepting work calls on off days 
  2. Not checking work emails in bed 
  3. Having meals with your loved ones 
  4. Avoiding “shop talk” and work calls on vacations 

It is important to set working hours for yourself, to allow oneself to “disconnect” from work for the day. These working hours can be reinforced as strictly as possible in order to avoid ‘spilling’ your professional life in your personal life. 


Prioritizing and goal setting 

Effective goal setting is extremely important to aid time management and overall stress faced in the workplace.  Implementing sustainable goal setting strategies can help one avoid the need to work beyond working hours. The most effective in such are SMART goals.

SMART  ensures a system of goal setting that is achievable and time-bound.  It might be helpful to be aware of your most productive time periods of the day and reserving them for high priority work. Alternatively, it might also be helpful to cut out tasks that have no value, are time consuming and demotivate you to focus on the more important tasks. 

Taking adequate breaks between tasks and avoiding distractions during tasks (like, surfing the internet or checking notifications) can also significantly increase productivity and in turn leave more time for you to relax during working hours. Prioritising tasks and having goals that are measurable can also help increase the quality of both- work and rest! 


Open communication 

Pay attention to your feelings, mental states and needs. In case you are feeling too overworked or overwhelmed, it is necessary to communicate your needs to your managers in order to take effective measures to avoid burnout or other mental distress. Additionally, sharing your emotions and thoughts with your loved ones can significantly improve one’s mental wellbeing. 

However, in case of severe stress or other mental discomfort, it is best to reach out to a professional. Under such conditions, you can download the heyy, app to get 24×7 chat based mental health support by experienced professionals and learn more coping tools such as SMART goals


Having a healthy work life balance may seem more difficult than it is due to the glorification of hustle culture in the media. It is important to realize that rest is an important part of productivity, forming the barrier between work and burnout. If work is not separated by quality rest and a fulfilling personal life, then the impacts of burnout can be severe and long term. 


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