Productivity and Mental Health


I am Roshnii, the Content Lead at heyy,! Eager to address the topic of burnout today 

After 3 long years of interning, studying, working and volunteering- I am taking my first vacation the coming weekend. It goes without saying that it has been tough to continue feeling motivated and maintaining enthusiasm towards all my interests during this period. 

I am sure we have all been in a position where we are working late nights, meeting endless deadlines, and fulfilling various social obligations. Whether it’s being swamped at work, college, school, or simply with your daily life- it is tough to find joy when you hardly get a moment to rest. 

Even though it might seem like a cliché, small and consistent efforts go a long way when it comes to mental health. 

Self Reflect 🤗

With burnout it is often difficult to find joy in activities that brought you immense joy previously- even hobbies or meeting your loved ones. 

It can be helpful to evaluate whether the activities you engage in now bring you the level of satisfaction they did when you first started. 

Ask yourself – what has changed? Do you feel the quality of your performance has been affected? And finally, will some time off help? 

Taking a step back for some time and reconnecting with the parts of yourself that you haven’t been focusing on is a good way to recover from a burnout.
Remember that taking a break or needing rest does not make you lazy or weak. Rest is necessary and irreplaceable for productivity and satisfaction! 

Tools like stress management, exercising, staying connected, and engaging in self care can not only help in recovering from a burnout but also build resilience against future burnout! 

Reach out to our Helpers! 

Please remember that burnouts are both treatable and preventable. It is okay and necessary to seek professional help for burnout and stress too! The Helper space is a 24×7 star feature of heyy, where users can connect with a trained guide in times of distress to talk about their mental health concerns. Mental wellbeing is only 2 steps away, just send us a- heyy.! 

Common Signs of Burnout to look out for 

While burnout can manifest in various ways, there are a few common factors that define burnout 

😥 Feeling lost, trapped, helpless

😣  Lack of motivation 

😒  Excessive exhaustion 

😪  Sleep issues- insomnia or excessive sleeping 

🤔  Cynicism or negative outlook 

One (or more) of these signs persisting continuously can cause extreme distress that can even lead to chronic stress, anxiety, depression or other mental health issues. 

Productivity Affirmations for when facing a Burnout

Affirmations can help you recognise and replace negative thought patterns with positive ones that empower you. 

🌻 I can delegate tasks. I do not have to do everything myself 

🌻 I can take things one step at a time

🌻 I am capable and worthy

🌻 Rest allows me to produce better work and is a necessary part of my productivity 

🌻 I will take time for self-care and recharge myself 

🌻I allow myself to take a break without judgement 

Mental health tip #5

Do nothing! Sometimes doing nothing is the best way to relax and rejuvenate. Self care may not always be engaging in hobbies, playing sports, or getting creative. Occasionally, it is best to allow yourself some time to disconnect and relax in order to cope with the fatigue of daily activities. 

Busy at work for you!

We are so excited to have had such an enthusiastic and successful launch with Upmesh as their new mental health partner! 

It is always heartwarming to see organisations prioritize employee wellbeing. Eager to make big changes together with our new collaborators. 💟

The heyy, team is all set to have to let their hair down and PARTY!! 

Being a mental health start up, we try to lend ourselves the same kindness that we do to others. In an attempt to take some time off and have conversations about our own mental health, we are excited to have this employee get-together. 

This is a reminder for ourselves and for you- burnout is AVOIDABLE and TREATABLE. All it takes is reaching out 😇

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