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Solve Old Problems the New Way

May 18, 2022

World Creativity and Innovation Day

On a moonlit night, my mother tucked me into bed and asked me ‘’ What do you want to become when you grow up?’’. I sprang up and answered, ‘’an artist’’. Five years old was when I knew how my life would take a turn with creativity at the forefront.

I shied away from class activities because my radical thoughts were shocking for a few. As I type this, I have travelled half the world and tried my hands on several ideas. Have you been hesitant to do what you love because you thought it was a silly idea? Have you had friends and family tell you that you might be bonkers? If you are aware of what I’m talking about, read on. If you are not, still, read on.

April 21 is World Creativity and Innovation Day, and it’s time we acknowledged the power of free-thinking. A day dedicated to unconfined thoughts and magical ideas. Let’s delve into how doing what you love, and a free thought process benefits mental well-being.

The Power of Free – Thinking

My friends, family, and acquaintances have something in common – they are chained to an assumption, a religion, a belief or a question. Until a few years ago, I was too. But what changed that pattern in me?

It was when I decided that I needed to move forward and maintain consistency without paying heed to the rules. My life changed massively the moment I let go of thoughts that were stuck to a particular person, thing or place.

Free thinking is when you give deaf ears to common beliefs and stick by your opinions. It is when you stand up against dogmatism, tyranny, and the like. It is when you hold the power to reject ideas or accept them, speak your mind, and follow evidence-based facts. Through free-thinking, you can hamper misconceptions and myths.

If you are unaware of the methods to be a free-thinker, read on to practice ways to be creative and unbound.

Ways to Learn the Tricks of Creativity

The moment someone speaks of creativity, our minds wander towards various artforms. Painting, sculpture, music, dance, theatre, and photography are a few avenues to explore your inner creativity.

Creativity comes down to one aspect alone, and that is to solve old problems the new way. Here are a few tricks to train your mind to be bold and free.

  • Be open to conceptual integrations
  • Do not be afraid of exploring new experiences
  • Walk with nature (This is where eminent artists have had wonderful ideas)
  • Stay away from rules whenever possible (This lets your mind open up to innovations)
  • Relaxation is Key (An idle mind gives room for creative thoughts)
  • Keep practicing

When you let go of the burden and conform to new standards, you are doing yourself a huge favour. Did I mention solving problems the new way? Let’s learn how to do it.

Solving Problems with New Approaches

Creativity and innovation are an enormous abstraction in themselves. When we face numerous instances of problem-solving every day, not many solve the real problem. Brain flexibility or neuroplasticity is a concept of lateral thinking that will aid in new approaches to old problems.

Note down ideas

Keep a close watch on your day-to-day activities. Instead of getting agitated by your problems, jot down the ways you can innovatively solve them.

Do things differently

If you take the same route to work, be challenging and change routes. You are afraid of being on a roller coaster, try it now. You despise a walk in the garden, then that is where you should be. A simple change in your life can give you the freedom to think out of the box.

Meet New people

I have a friend who is extraordinarily smart and creative. A little talk about it gave me insights into the process. Lots of travel and more conversations with strangers were the active reasons for creative thinking.

Go out and meet new people. Listen to their thought process, analyze their ideas, and share your opinions. This way, you grow together while you receive an abundance of ideation techniques.

Paying attention to others’ thoughts paves way for design thinking and creative empathy, a powerful tool to overcome feeling stranded.

Creative Empathy is Real

Empathy is in our nature and helps in increasing the power of free-thinking. Advertisers empathize with their consumers, politicians with their people, doctors with their patients, and the list go on.

When you feel the connection and pain of the other, your intuitive abilities increase exponentially. Our fears can be met through empathy which aids in problem-solving through creative thinking.

Empathetic storytelling in films and creative expressions provides us space to make or break anything. From art forms to politics, and health creativity plays a vital role.

Creativity, Innovation and Mental Health

Not many of us are aware of the impacts of creative freedom on mental health. People who indulge in art forms lead a better lifestyle and possess the ability to think clearly.

Psychologist and art therapist Dr Cathy Malchiodi confirmed that studies suggest a link between creativity and an increase in positive emotions, lesser depressive episodes, and decreased anxiety.

At some point, all of us have felt a sense of calmness while listening to a song, painting, writing, dancing or practising other artforms. Right from freedom of expression at work to diminishing.

Symptoms of mental health, creativity and innovation change our lives for good.

How can heyy, help?

We are creative thinkers and supporters of free-thinking. That is why at heyy, you will find helpers and counsellors who have travelled your journey. We don’t just give guidance on how to be mentally strong, but evade negative thinking and cultivate creative freedom.

So, why not do something different this World Creativity and Innovation Day? Get in touch with us to know how we normalise things in everyday life.


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