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This might change the way you look at depression

May 15, 2022


Depression can be experienced in a whole range of ways. We cannot list the types of experiences a depressed person may encounter. It can be one symptom or a bunch of them. 

We know how it feels 

What we do not realize is, if we are actually depressed? I for one would like to know where I stand. And if I need help? We keep asking ourselves what went wrong but do not find answers. We are languishing. We are overthinking every little bit of our situation. 

We also know that all of this languishing is perhaps a silent cry for help. Some tend to reach out to people about the crippling emotions and issues they are dealing with. 

Are you experiencing any of these? 




What makes you think you are depressed? 

Usually, it is not one incident or one inconvenience that makes you feel that you are depressed. It can be a bunch of suppressed feelings and trauma. Some of us lash out, others withdraw or resort to substance abuse or manage with other healthy/ unhealthy coping mechanisms. 


This feeling can also be triggered by the lack of friends, lack of people who actually understand you. We know how difficult it is to analyze our situation and explaining it to someone feels tedious.

After all, society, traditions, cultures, house-holds, upbringing, religion, personality, work life, relationships, friendships and such – all affect our mental health. 

We understand depression is different for different people. With every person comes a persona, a whole set of experiences they have lived or maybe endured- you can be filled with extremities of emotions or have a void in your heart.

Some seek feelings to fill the void while others are overwhelmed by it and feel the urge to let it all out.

What do we tend to do?

Some of us might find it difficult to open up and muster courage to say it all out loud, it is even harder to understand and languish with dynamic moods and emotions in the first place.

We tend to over think and seek answers to our never ending mental and emotional breakdowns. We seek someone who would listen and not judge, we seek peace right? We seek that one moment of silence that makes us feel present, that one moment of happiness that makes us feel loved and wanted.

We all crave that, we all do and there is no shame in that. We cannot blame ourselves for wanting peace, for wanting someone who would listen, for wanting a hussle-free life- if not all the time then at least for a while.

What can you do? 

It is always good to air what you are feeling. Find a friend or chat with a heyy Helper. Other self care techniques can look like – 


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