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2 factors that your workplace mental health services need

May 14, 2022


Workplace mental health has become an important factor since people are starting to go back to offices post the Covid- 19 lockdown. Individual mental health contributes to workplace losses in a dual manner- through absenteeism/ turnover and loss of productivity. Since 2021, about 40% of the employers have started to update their health plans to include mental health services.

More than 46% of their employees are actually enrolling for these services. Clearly, mental health care is becoming a need in the modern workplaces. However, a huge part of making these mental health care services helpful to employees is actually getting them to use these services. 

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Two key factors that are found to be of utmost value to employees are: 



One of the major concerns of employees while using mental healthcare services provided by companies is data sharing. The fear of being discriminated against, shamed or judged often demotivates employees and stops them from availing these services. However, services that are confidential and anonymous can be helpful in building trust and actually focusing on providing emotional support by professionals. 



Employers often find it difficult to find reliable mental healthcare services in the first place due to their narrow approach and exorbitant costs.

On the other hand, even when such services are found, they are often inaccessible to employees due to multiple logistical factors like lack of time, clashing schedules, lack of motivation, etc.

Digital mental healthcare makes it far easier for employees to avail these services from the comfort of their own home, saving a lot of time and personal cost in travelling and such. Digital mental healthcare has opened up a hole new avenue for employers to provide affordable, accessible and valuable services to employees. 

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Confidentiality, anonymity, and accessibility are the most valued components of heyy, that make mental health not just personalized but also extremely  safe for all users. In a one-stop solution for mental health, we provide both 24×7 personal care and psychoeducational resources to guarantee holistic growth. 


The goal is to make mental health accessible and affordable for all. 


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