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No issue is too small,
No conversation is irrelevant.​

Here you can talk about anything that you could never talk about before.

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heyy Helpers are trained to listen, empathise and guide you to find your inner strengths & your answers.

Some call them their BFF (best friend forever) & some call them their grandma.

Having lived through similar experiences as yours, you are sure to find a heyy Helper who understands you.

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Over 1000 people have already signed up

Join us and start a conversation today.

Over 1000 people have already signed up

Join us and start a conversation today.

Experts had some really great things to say about us, we are so humbled!

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When we are facing issues, what we need most is someone who is not only interested in supporting us but also knows how to do it well. Having that safe support system at our finger tips can make all the difference to move us from feeling stuck to seeing possibilities for change. heyy, is doing fantastic work in this area by normalising such conversations and providing accurate support so many people get the help they really need.

Deepika Mulchandani

Being a part of the “heyy” directory of mental health practitioners has been great! When some of my regular clients were hesitant to start over with a new therapist, conversations with heyy helpers and their matter of fact approach to individuals’ wellness needs motivated them to reach out to me. These early interventions give us therapists an idea of what to expect when speaking to clients and helps us work more effectively! heyy has ensured that the client-therapist fit is comfortable and a fruitful one.

Chaanan Kaur

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