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Why Talk?

Have you vented and felt a sense of relief? Do you have someone to confide in? If you answered yes, that’s a great space to be in. Family & friends are usually the first go-to people anyone should consider. Still, in India, close to 100 million people are depressed, anxious or suffering some form of mental stress but many still hesitate to open up.


Every day, you go through a million emotions but secretly pile them in a corner. When you talk about your feelings, you are a step closer to being confident and valued. Talking is not just a part of being human, but it holds the power to change lives.


Vulnerability allows you to know yourself. Opening up aids in emotional stability, and catharsis makes you stronger. For once, let down your guard and join our journey.

Why Say heyy?

heyy is an app where you can ‘come as you are, as you were, as you want to be’


There’s no one who can better understand you than someone who’s been in your shoes and gone through experiences similar to yours.


At heyy, we aimed for an all-inclusive platform to access mental support. Here, we listen empathetically and respond in kind instead of therapizing your life. Our team of helpers and experts build a safe space for all types of conversations and guidance.


Here, you’ll always find credible support.

All it takes is a heyy.

What do you Get?

Seeking attention during a crisis is normal. And worrying about your safety in the process is understandable. That’s why we built a safe, secure and anonymous app, heyy.


At heyy, you get to be yourself and speak your mind. And believe us, there are no judgments. 


On our app, you get connected with trained listeners who have traveled your journey, and it allows them to empathise and guide you. You receive friendly and caring support and become a part of a bigger network. Speak up or burst out, heyy Helpers listen.


Simply, download, login anonymously and get connected. It takes less than 5 seconds to connect and find emotional support at heyy.

What do our Users Say?

Hundreds of happy users have un-bottled their emotions on heyy, abandoned fear and started to believe in themselves. The Five-star reviews are just a parting gift from them. 


We aim to scale our reach to make heyy, available for all. And our users have found a Helper  and a friend for life.

Get Expert Help too

One in five people falls prey to stress. And they always look for specialised care and an anonymous approach. We witnessed it, heard it and implemented it. 

At heyy, you are in the care of a panel of experts with years of experience under their belt. Get online psychological counselling, from dealing with depression, procrastination to gender or sexuality challenges, here, you are sure to find an expert who can help you. 

Your mental well-being is our priority. When life throws challenges, we are on your side. A lot can change when you say heyy. Give it a try because it’s costless, effective and life-changing.

Download today!